For me, photography has always been a part of my life.  Beginning with my mother who was seemingly never without a camera lest some fragment of daily life be lost forever, and continuing with my older brother, who remains to this day one of the most naturally talented photographers I’ve ever known, has caused me to have photography woven into my soul.  I’ve never been more at ease than when I’m creating. Whether in a portrait session, shooting a commercial job, or exploring the forgotten and overlooked places of life with an eye for something unique, I can open my lungs a bit deeper with a camera in my hands.

That said, There is one universal truth…

Most people Hate having their photograph taken… Photographers most of all. There is something invasive about staring into that circle of glass that makes most people self-conscious. I pride myself on understanding this and being able to put my clients at ease. We’ll work together to ensure this isn’t a stressful experience. Rather, you and I are equal partners in this venture and our goal is to create a “Taylored” Image that will leave you better for the experience.


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