For me, photography has always been a part of my life.  It seemed my mother was forever taking and showing photos.  These were those endless series of slides of family vacations, and holidays… the events in life that every mother holds dear, and yet, in some way I think it caused me to have photography woven into my soul.  

Though I can't begin to tell you when I first picked up a camera, I distinctly remember that feeling of fascination I had every time I managed to get my hands on my parents Kodak Instamatic with the Magi-cube flash.

At 13, I was introduced into what purists would consider “true photography” by my older brother. He was a dedicated hobbyist and, remains to this day, the most naturally gifted photographer I've ever known. He has always had a knack for capturing the essence of his subject and making it look effortless. He was, at that time, shooting with an Olympus OM-1n and had purchased an identical model for our mother. Because she was uncomfortable with the camera and its lack of automatic features, she gave it to me...

...I never looked back.

I was raised in a small Northwestern Indiana town named Valparaiso. It lies about 40 minutes southeast of Chicago at the southern end of Lake Michigan. It's location provided me with an unusually diverse set of influences; from the wide open farm fields of the Midwest to the heavy industry of the Steel Belt, the tranquil peace of Amish country to the hustle of the Windy City.

Following several years military service, I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and began freelancing. However, it wasn't until I met and began working with well known fashion and entertainment photographer Guy D'Alema that my career really took off.  He was, without a doubt, the moving force behind my professional development. He took the experiences and skills I had acquired and honed them. Guy expressed to me his strong belief in the need to pass knowledge along, having himself been mentored by other well known photographers including long time Hollywood great Gene Trindl. His influence is clearly evident in the “Fashion Style” of many of the images displayed here.

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